We strive to remain at the forefront of educational development. To achieve this aim, staff development is an ongoing process. Staff has been pro-active and has attended workshops organized by the department and have also done intense evaluations in the various subject areas in order to eradicate the problems encountered. Approximately 40% of our staff compliment has improved their academic qualifications) Honours and Masters Degrees) during the past 4 years. St. James also boasts the fact that our former principal is one of the first 13 principals to achieve the qualification in school management which is a pre-requisite for school principals, as stated by the Minister of Education. The principal was also nominated by the Provincial Director of Education to attend an International Confederation of National Principal’s Conference (rare opportunity). She was also the only high school female principal to cascade what she had learnt from the conference to other principals. This attests to the recognition of hard work done at our school.

The Assumption education team offers support and plays an objective role in the evaluation of the school, staff, learners.